Bars Of Uncut Soap

Bars Of Soap

Bars Of Uncut Soap.

Um – an interesting photo. ..bird’s eye view of some freshly un-moulded soap!  I love everything about making soap, from getting prepared and getting all the ingredients out to the finished product.  I find it quite therapeutic as it is very methodical.  Everything has to be completed in a certain way and the exact recipe has to be followed.  This is to ensure that it is safe and, it is the law!!  lol

All my ingredients are for the soaps and shampoos are plant based and include Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil.  No nasty chemicals, no animal derivatives and no synthetics at all.  To get your all natural soap  or shampoo go to or follow one of the links!

Go to for soaps. for shampoo bars

and if you are interested in gifts.  


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Mothers’ Day Gifts!

Mothers' Day Gifts

Ok – so Mother’s Day is Sunday 22nd and if you still need a gift take a look at the selection of different ideas in the gift set section on

Of course, these gifts are a great idea for any occasion but as Sunday is looming, thought I’d mention it!!

I can post to almost anywhere and of course, if you live in Plymouth you can come and collect saving postage

All my soaps are made with natural, vegan friendly ingredients which do not contain palm oil.  So, if your mum likes all natural beautiful smelling products check out what I have!


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How to Make A Natural Hand Sanitizer – Help Keep The Corona Virus Contained

Corona Virus

How to Make a Natural Hand Sanitizer.

We are currently facing a bit of a worry with the corona virus.  Now you might think it is all a big hype and it is just another strain of the flu, or you might be very worried.  Either way, as a nation we ought to be washing our hands much more.  I always do it after the loo….who doesn’t?!  But, have a think about all the things you and others touch during your day, sharing your germs as you go.  Money, escalator rails, key boards of a public computer, shaking someone’s hand, opening a door…And, if they sneeze into their hands; because they haven’t a tissue, as we are encouraged to do, have they then washed their hands or did they simply wipe them down their jeans?!!!!

I hadn’t really given it much thought until recently. Now I have become increasingly conscious of germs. The best thing to do of course is to wash our hands in hot water, using soap, for 20 seconds. This is the latest advice to help keep the corona virus contained. If you haven’t access to a soap and water then hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

If you don’t want to buy some, or can’t as there isn’t any left on the shelf don’t panic as making some is easy as 1,2,3,4!

Ingredients – 

  • Plain vodka (a cheap brand is fine, you’re not gonna drink it!)
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Ti Tree essential oil. If you find Ti Tree too strong then you could use Lavender & Peppermint instead.
  • Small 1-2 oz bottle. This can be a plastic squeeze bottles or plastic or glass spray bottles work well. These can also be bought from Wilko’s or some where similar in the travel section.

Step 1

Fill your bottle to 1/3 of the way full with cheap vodka (you’re not gonna drink it so buy cheap!!)

Step 2

Add 10-15 drops each of Ti Tree and Lavender essential oils. These both have natural anti – bacterial properties so will help kill off germs. In addition this combination smells lovely.

Step 3

Fill up your bottle with aloe vera gel. Leave some room at the top of the bottle as the next stage is to shake it all up together!

Step 4

Once all the ingredients are fully combined use as needed!

Apart from the vodka, the other ingredients can usually be bought from a local pharmacy

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Flowers, Essential Oils & The Season of Love!!

Red Rose

Flowers, Essential Oils & The Season of Love!!

For many centuries the red rose has been associated with love and romance.  In the flower world, the shade of red conveys different meanings with bright red roses symbolizing romance and burgundy and crimson red roses meaning undying love. 

Red Rose
Red Rose

Whilst the rose has traditionally been called the ‘queen of flowers’ rose essential oil is known as the queen of essential oils.  Many essential oils have a therapeutic link to a particular organ. Rose, with its feminine qualities, is linked to the uterus and problems surrounding the menstrual cycle, sexuality and reproduction.  This oil can work wonders on the body and on the state of mind.  A few drops in a bath when feeling ‘down in the dumps’ due to PMT or the menopause is so calming and acts as a gentle antidepressant.  If you think you might benefit from this oil check it out or seek the advice of a qualified aromatherapist. 

Rose essential oil is also a great oil to use in skincare, especially if you have dry, sensitive or aging skin.  It takes huge amounts of rose petals to extract a tiny amount of rose essential oil.  This results in the oil being expensive and out of reach of many a person’s pocket, including mine!! I don’t use it in my soaps for this reason.  Plus you wouldn’t get the same therapeutic benefits from soap  like you would in a bath or a massage. 

If you think your body or skin would benefit buy a 2ml bottle of pure rose essential oil to try.  It will cost you anything between £15 – £20. If you find a cheap bottle it is not pure rose oil.  If you find a cheap product with ‘rose’ in, it may be synthetic. Or, a tiny bit of rose has been added so they can say rose has been added on the label!!  If you are buying it simply for the smell that is fine.  But, if you are buying it for the many therapeutic qualities then it will not have any!! Once it arrives pop a few drops in a bath.  Or, if you have a fragrance free lotion you like, add some to that lotion, mix well and use it on your body. Or, as it is valentine’s day and very soon Mother’s day, put some drops in a base oil and ask someone you love to massage it in your body….Enjoy!! 

If you want to take a look at the many different soaps, shampoos and gifts I have available please click the shop tab.

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Merry Christmas from Soap & Pamper

Merry Christmas from Soap & Pamper

Merry Christmas from Soap & Pamper.

What a crazy year it has been! I have gone from making a few bars of soap to a rather full collection of soaps, shampoo and lip balms.  I love the fact that people love my products and I love the fact that they are all vegan, palm oil free and natural, including the scents and colours!  Those people are you…so thank you for supporting me and my small business this year.  I hope you have a fab Christmas and get to have lost of fun, catch up with lots of your fav people and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

I am taking a break from 16th December so the shop will close. It will re open  1st Feb 2020

Merry Christmas!!


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Gardeners’ Soap – Exfoliation Soap

Gardeners' Soap - Exfoliation Soap

Gardeners’ Soap – Exfoliation Soap.  This beautifully smelling soap is a great gift idea for any gardener or someone who often has dirty hands!  The poppy seeds help tease out the ingrained dirt, grit and grime leaving your hands clean and moisturised.  For extra exfoliation team this up with a sisal bag!

Like all my soaps they are made by me from scratch in Devon. with natural cruelty free ingredients.  They are also palm oil free and wrapped in eco friendly packaging.

To buy this bar click here.


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Soap & Pamper Set

Soap & Pamper Set

Soap & Pamper Set…how lovely do these look!  There are 3 handmade soaps inside.  Each soap is individually wrapped so you basically get 4 parcels in 1, not bad for £12.50!

All my soaps are made using natural ingredients including Shea butter and Cocoa butter.  I use essential oils for the scent, no synthetic smells so you won’t smell like a strawberry, and any colour is gained using herbs.

If you don’t want a gift box head over to my home page and choose the handmade soap section. This is where you  can buy as many individual soaps as you like.  If you would like to take  a look at a gift boxes then go to the gift section of, or click here!  I am not giving you a direct link as there are so many scent options for you to chose from…go and take a look!

Happy shopping!!

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Soap & Pampers Events & Fayres. Where are you trading?! I need my soaps!!

Soap & Pampers Events & Fayres

Hi – If you want to know where I am trading then please go to the information page and there is a tag that says Events & Fayres…hang on…just click here!

I gave it it’s own section as it kept getting lost in the other posts…so if you are local to me, IE, Plymouth you can pop along and say hello, buy your Christmas gifts and save on postage.  If you are local but can’t make an event don’t worry you can still collect from me in person.  At check out click, local pick up and then I will email you to arrange a convenient time for both of us.

Hope the Christmas preparations are going well!!

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Gift For Him – Train Lover’s Delight!!

Gift Set For Him

Gift for him – Train lover’s delight!  Now this is a real find!!

I was hunting for tins, as you do, and came across this one! It has a Jacobite Steam Train on the lid and is in really good condition.  So, I brought it home, gave it a clean, stuffed it with wood curl and decided it needed to be re homed with a man.  Well, it is usually men who like trains…isn’t it?  Anyhow, if you do know a female who would like it I can always alter the contents!

I have popped 3 different handmade soaps in the tin.  I made my choice based on soaps usually purchased by my male customers. They are, Ti Tree & Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Peppermint and Orange, Lavender & Poppy seeds.  The first 2 are great for shaving.  The latter is great for grime lol.  A lot of gardeners like this one as the poppy seeds help to loosen up the dirt.  Anyhow, I have also included a shaving brush.  This is a Kent brush so it is really good quality, it is also vegan friendly.  Then I thought that this male might need a soap dish and, if he has really grimy hands a bit of loofah will get deep down and dirty with it!  Oh…nearly forgot, it also includes a shower scrunchie.  It is made with ramie so not fluffy soft but gentle.  Not as mean as the loofah. so as you can see the perfect gift for him!

If you would like to take a look at this product click here

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