Tools Of The Trade

Hand Cut Soap

I don’t use anything fancy to cut my soap.  I simply use a soap guillotine cutter, and a knife!!  This explains why my soaps are all slightly different…perfectly imperfect!

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Guess What I Did Today?

Boxes of Soap

Yup…I did I some wrapping and packing!!  After cutting each soap bar  I wrap a fair few ready for you to gift to someone or treat yourself with.  I love wrapping these parcels as I imagine you having to open each one, after all, who doesn’t love opening a parcel!!

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unwrapped  ones are available, simply message me when ordering



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Do You Have Any Large Bars Of Handmade Soap?

handmade soap

Yes I do actually!!!

Sometimes I get asked if I have larger bars so I have started to keep a couple in.  If you are a regular buyer you will know that I cut short and fat bars….I did this initially as I have small hands and I found them easier to use than the slimmer square bars.  Anyhow, some of you have larger hands and so, these are for you!!!

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Lip Balms & Lip Care

Lip Balms

Lip balms are a great way of taking care of your lips.  This is true  whether it is summer or winter.  And, did you know that calendula oil is an amazing oil?  Amongst other benefits it  aids the repair of cracked skin.  With this in mind, you might be interested in knowing that I use calendula oil in my lip balms!!

For  more information or to buy yours go to

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Soap In A Tin – Why do you not take your soap with you on your hols?

Why do you not take your soap with you on your hols? Because once your soap is wet and mushy it creates a mess in your wash bag?  These aluminium tins will help prevent that. Full stop!  They come in 3 different sizes and balance quite nicely on the back of a shower bar.  I know this as I have tried it several times in a travel lodge!!

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Gifts And Treats

Box of handmade soaps

How lovely does this box of handmade soaps look!  The ribbon is upcycled and the box is made from recycled paper.  So all in all,  an Eco friendly gift as well as a thoughtful one!

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Time Out

Time Out – we all crave it but do we all take it?  As a teacher I frequently worked til silly o’clock then got up at silly o’clock which meant when term finished, so did my body!!  So, this is a reminder to all who work crazy hours….take time for you this summer!!!

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