Box Of Soap Samples


Box of Soap samples

If you can’t decide which scent you want, why not try a box which contains a piece of each scent!

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Box of soap samples.

Sometimes we can’t decide what scent we’d like.  Or, it might depend on the day or mood we are in.  It might even be for someone else and you are just not too sure what they would like.  Alternatively you might just like a bowl of smaller pieces in the bathroom for guests!  Well, this is the perfect box and will solve all those issues!!  This gift wrapped box contains 10 pieces of soap.  This means you, or the recipient, will get to try my full range of soaps.  Each piece is wrapped in a cuff of paper and individually labelled.  This allows you to see which soap is which should you wish to order a larger bar in the future.  The soap samples are  nestled in a ribbon tied box, so you can gift it should you wish to do so!

If you would prefer a box of 3 full sized soaps instead click here


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