Gardener’s Gift Box – Exfoliation Gift Box – Soap Saver Bag & 1 All Natural Soap


Gardener’s Gift Box contains 1 exfoliating Soap Saver Bag & 1 handmade soap




Gardener’s Gift Box.  This gift box contains one handmade soap and one exfoliating soap saver bag made with sisal.

Sisal is quite a rough material so this is ideal for feet, rougher skin or if you need a deep clean after being in the garden for example.  If you’d prefer something a little softer check out the ramie exfoliating gift box here

The exfoliating soap saver bag is very versatile.   You can just pop your soap slice inside – tighten the toggle – and you have the perfect exfoliating and cleansing tool!

Alternatively you can simply use it as a soap saver.  This is particularly good if you use public showers, like at a gym.  It enables you to keep your soap off the floor.

Each bag is 11 x 9 cm and comes complete with a soap of your choice.

The Gardener’s Gift Box contains one exfoliating Saver Bag & 1 handmade soap of your choice.


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