Cotton Wash Cloths – Eco Friendly

Cotton wash cloths

Cotton Wash Cloths are a lovely way to wash your face.  These are made with soy cotton and are so so soft!!  They are crocheted by Judith from @happysheepdesigns, the same person who makes me the reusable make up pad removers – such a star!!!

Various colours are available and can be found in the accessories section

Tools Of The Trade

Hand Cut Soap

I don’t use anything fancy to cut my soap.  I simply use a soap guillotine cutter, and a knife!!  This explains why my soaps are all slightly different…perfectly imperfect!

Guess What I Did Today?

Boxes of Soap

Yup…I did I some wrapping and packing!!  After cutting each soap bar  I wrap a fair few ready for you to gift to someone or treat yourself with.  I love wrapping these parcels as I imagine you having to open each one, after all, who doesn’t love opening a parcel!!

Take a look at the different soap options available  on

unwrapped  ones are available, simply message me when ordering



Do You Have Any Large Bars Of Handmade Soap?

handmade soap

Yes I do actually!!!

Sometimes I get asked if I have larger bars so I have started to keep a couple in.  If you are a regular buyer you will know that I cut short and fat bars….I did this initially as I have small hands and I found them easier to use than the slimmer square bars.  Anyhow, some of you have larger hands and so, these are for you!!!

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