What do you use in your bathroom? 

Natural Bathroom Accessories

What do you use in your bathroom?

I use the shower/wash scrunchie which is the bottom right.  It is super soft and will last for aaaaages!! It can be washed at 30′ too.  I love the way it feels on my skin and the handy tag allows me to hang it up to dry in the shower.  I also use the bamboo soap saver bag, top left.  Well I did when I could go to the gym!! It is a great way of transporting soap or shampoo to a public shower.  It also allows me to keep it off the floor in the public showers….bit more hygienic!! The great thing about the bag is it can also be used as a wash bag/exfoliatior bag. This one is softer than the one on the right which gives a deeper exfoliation.
The sisal soap saver bag on the top right. I personally don’t use this on my body as I find it too harsh. However I do use it on my hands after the allotment as it gets rid of any ingrained dirt from working the land lol!!  Many of my customers however love a ‘good scrub’ with it.
The bottom left is a bamboo wash mitt. This is the softest of them all.  It is so gentle and often favoured by those with more mature skin.

If you would like more details take a look at the accessories section – Happy Bathing!!

Plastic Free Soap Dish

Soap Dishes

Plastic Free Soap Dish.  These 2  wooden dishes are very different in styles and would look good in any bathroom. The soap ladder is lighter in shade whereas the darker one is more…chunky!   

As it is important to keep handmade soap dry, these bamboo soap dishes are just a perfect addition to your plastic free bathroom.  These can be found in the accessories page of www.soapandpamper.co.uk