Plastic Free Soap Gift Set

Plastic Free Vegan Cosmetic Starter Kit. 

Plastic Free Soap Gift Set

I know #plasticfreejuly has gone but it doesn’t mean that we should lose that momentum to reduce our plastic. This super gift box contains 2 lovely handmade soaps and also a bamboo handled toothbrush, a soap saver bag and a box of bamboo buds, all items that can help in the quest for plastic free.

There are lots of gift choices for you in the Gift Set section – go check them out! 

Handmade Vegan Soap Gift Set

Handmade Vegan Soap Gift Set
Handmade Vegan Soap Gift Set.
Do you know the date but don’t have a gift? Then look no further!!  I have a range of gorgeous gifts all of which contain handmade soaps and other soapy goodies!! This is one of many and can be found on the gifts page.
All my products are vegan friendly and made with natural ingredients and or materials in the case of the accessories.

Soap Gift Set

Soap Gift Set

Soap Gift Set… how lovely does this look! 3 handmade soaps gift wrapped ready for giving…lovely!

There are a selection of scent choices for you to make things easy or you can select your own.  All natural, palm oil free and of course vegan friendly!

Handmade Soap Gift Set – natural, vegan and palm oil free

Gift set of 3 naturally scented soaps

Handmade Soap Gift Set – natural, vegan and palm oil free.

This  beautiful gift set includes 3 handmade soaps.  I make the soaps using all natural  ingredients, including the scents which are essential oils.   I wrap each soap in paper so it looks like a parcel in its own right.  3 soaps are then placed in the lined box and gift wrapped with a ribbon on  the outside.

This box is the citrus box.  There are other scent choices available and other gift box options too. ..just go to the gift page!

Handmade Vegan Soap

Handmade Soap

Handmade Vegan Soap not only looks good but is fantastic for those who care what goes on their skin.  I know I keep repeating myself with this sentence but who wants chemicals on their skin?! Mine are made with natural ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter and lots of lovely essential oils.  These can of course be bought on their own, in a gift set of 3 for £10.50 or in a gift box.

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