Handmade Vegan Soap

Handmade Soap

Handmade Vegan Soap not only looks good but is fantastic for those who care what goes on their skin.  I know I keep repeating myself with this sentence but who wants chemicals on their skin?! Mine are made with natural ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter and lots of lovely essential oils.  These can of course be bought on their own, in a gift set of 3 for £10.50 or in a gift box.

Available from the handmade soap section or gift section of www.soapandpamper.co.uk

Novelty Soap – Pawsome!

Novelty Soap Paws

Novelty Soap – Pawsome! These gorgeously fun novelty soaps in the shape of a paw make a fab gift for any animal lover.  They are made with the same natural ingredients as my soaps so palm oil free and vegan.

They are available on the novelty soap page of my shop at www.soapandpamper.co.uk and can be bought singly or in a pack!

Gift Idea Or Personal Treat – Handmade All Natural Soap

Soap & Dish

Handmade soap feels like such an indulgent treat.  It is all natural, palm oil free and made with body loving oils and butters.  Soaps which are mass produced often have the natural glycerine removed which leaves your skin feeling dry.  Handmade soap leaves it in.

To prevent your bar going mushy you must keep it dry in between uses.  This is why a soap dish with holes in is essential. ..so essential I have made it a bargain price!!

Check it out at www.soapandpamper.co.uk

Tools Of The Trade

Hand Cut Soap

I don’t use anything fancy to cut my soap.  I simply use a soap guillotine cutter, and a knife!!  This explains why my soaps are all slightly different…perfectly imperfect!

Guess What I Did Today?

Boxes of Soap

Yup…I did I some wrapping and packing!!  After cutting each soap bar  I wrap a fair few ready for you to gift to someone or treat yourself with.  I love wrapping these parcels as I imagine you having to open each one, after all, who doesn’t love opening a parcel!!

Take a look at the different soap options available  on www.soapandpamper.co.uk

unwrapped  ones are available, simply message me when ordering